Jun 3rd

New Shoe Storage is Here

Are you a certified shoe addict? We are introducing an all-new shoe rack design, which is going to revolutionise your bedroom storage! We can all be guilty of throwing shoes in a disorganised pile sometimes, but we know that our new shoe rack design will solve that problem. The all-new shoe rack will be fixed inside your new wardrobe similar to a drawer, that you can pull out with an easy slide to display and organise your shoes. The sloped design means that boots, trainers, high-heels and sandals will all sit comfortably together, without falling or being disturbed when you pick out a pair. Plus, the device will be hidden behind your beautiful fitted wardrobe door, so once the door is closed, your items are hidden. We love this new shoe rack, and hope you do too! Please give us a call on 01480 417415 for more details.

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